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SFP-10G-LR is a 10GBase SFP+ Optical Transceiver. ZKTel’s SFP-10G-LR transceiver is factory preprogrammed with all the necessary configuration data for seamless network integration. Our SFP-10G-LR transceiver module may be used to connect Cisco compatible devices to your fiber-optic network. Simply plug the transceiver into your device’s 10 gigabit Ethernet port.


ZKTel's SFP-10G-LR provides a compact, high quality and reliable interface for 10GBase Ethernet connections. This SFP+ transceiver is ideal for use in data centers, enterprise wiring closets, and service provider applications. The 10GBase SFP+ optical transceiver supports distances up to 10 kilometers on standard single-mode fiber optic cables. The full product spec sheet is available here: SFP-10G-LR.


Our transceivers are 100% compatible with other OEM and third party transceivers. The SFP-10G-LR is 100% SFP+ MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) compliant. All of ZKTel’s transceivers are tested for 100% functionality and guaranteed compatible for outstanding network performance.


The SFP-10G-LR is energy efficient, hot pluggable and cost effective, offering higher port densities and greater bandwidth.


ZKTel offers all brands and form factors of Optical Transceivers for all your networking needs. Now you have a reliable, compatible and affordable means to expand your network while maintaining its integrity.

Part No



Dual Fiber SFP+/DFB 1310nm PIN/10KM/10G/DDM/0-70C/LC/SFP+    LR


Dual Fiber SFP+/DFB 1310nm PIN/20KM/10G/DDM/0-70C/LC/SFP+LR