ROSA Module

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ROSA  Module

ZKTel manufactures and provides the components that are used in Optical Modules and Assemblies. We have the ability to design and provide products from a trial sample basis up to a mass production level. Optical Modules are divided into two industry types. One type are known as Receptacle Modules. This type is represented by a TOSA (Transmitter Optical Sub-Assembly) and ROSA (Receiver Optical Sub-Assembly) Assemblies. The second types are known as Coaxial Modules which consists of Fiber Pigtails.


Optical Module are electronic components that convert an electrical signal to an optical signal simultaneously. Optical Module are categorized into LD (Laser Diode) Module and PD (Photo Diode) Module. Optical Transceivers are packaged PD and LD Module. These products are the core Device for any optical communication system such as an Optical Transponder and an ONU (Optical Network Unit)


•  High sensitivity
•  Low dark current
•  Low capacitance
•  High speed response
•  Wide operating temperature range from –40 to 85°C
•  Available in various packages, pigtailed or in receptacles

•  CATV 
•  High speed analogue receiver applications