Optical Receiving Components Test System

Optical Receiving Components Test System
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●  The equipment have features of high-degree integration. It integrates kinds of test fixtures of different pins,include high-speed error-rate tester, Optical Variable Attenuator,Optical Power Meter and control unit,and can achieve parameter settings, data display and analysis of the host computer.)

●  Test kinds of parameters of APD components: VBR,dark current,sensitivity,saturated light power and responsiveness

●   Test kinds of parameters of PIN components:dark current,sensitivity,saturated light power and responsiveness. 

●  Design protection measures of components,include static ,surge,over-current protection,power sequencing control,etc.

●  RS232 connector,common PC can be connected,no additional connector requirements required

●  Users can set the components’ parameters for the test compliance. The main interface will indicate whether the product is qualified after testing finished.The setup process is simple.The test operation facilitates providing the local database or the network server database link interface.

●  Users can query and management data with independent data query software.

●  It is very convenient for users to management test data .

●  Various test parameters are optional.The software is easy to operate .