Laser LIV Test System

Laser LIV Test System
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● Built-in large area PD,offer external PD interface,support TO test

● Compatible with the front light and backlit two ways to calculate the threshold.

●  Current sweep range:0-100mA, Number of scanning points: 1024points/time.

●  Scan two operating modes:current output and constant current output

●  Automatically draw the L-I、V-I 、Im-I characteristic curve;Automatically calculate Ith、Po、Vf、Im、Rs、Pslope,etc; Even automatically assess of eligibility

●  The system comes with the database, can save test data of LD and playback kinds of parameters as well as pictures of characteristic curve

● Users can self-calibrate power, current, voltage, backlight

●  The equipment can prevent inrush current and the laser to the maximum extent with slow-start circuit