X2-10GBASE-LR 1310nm 10km

X2-10GBASE-LR 1310nm 10km
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ZKTel's 10Gb/s X2 transceiver module ZDAD109-DCS is a hot pluggable in the Z-direction module that is usable in typical router line card applications, Storage, IP network and LAN and compliant to X2 MSA. It is a fully integrated 10.3Gbit/s optical transceiver module that consists of a 10.3Gbit/s optical transmitter and receiver, XAUI interface, Mux and De-mux with clock and data recovery(CDR).This transceiver line uses an uncooled 1310nm DML Laser Diode to achieve 10km over standard single mode fiber as 10GBASE-LR of the IEEE 802.3ae.

Product Features:

XAUI Electrical Interface: 4 Lanes @ 3.125Gbit/s

Uncooled 1310nm DFB

Hot Z-Pluggable

SC-Duplex Optical Receptacle

MDIO, DOM Support

Pin Photo-detector

Compliant to X2 MSA

Compliant to IEEE 802.3ae 10GBASE-LR Application

Case operating temperature: 0 to 70 °C