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The GPON module allows any Router BOARD device to be used for Fiber to Home installations without any special modems or software. A plug and play solution means you simply plug it into your device, and no special configuration is needed. The GPON ONU integrates GPON OMCI Stack and is fully compliant with ITU-T G.984 standards. The ONU is in a standardized MSA SFP form-factor and is designed to simply plug into a standard SFP port in your router. The product provides a pluggable GPON ONU interface for networking equipment with an uplink SFP receptacle enabling these devices to be deployed in GPON networks for FTTx, business services, and wireless back-haul applications.


Product Applications:

• Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) ONU for P2MP application
• FTTx WDM Broadband Access Network
• Home-Gateway, Ethernet Switches, Routers, Wireless devices etc.
• Simple plug and play design for generic SFP connectors.


Product Specifications:

• Single 3.3V power supply
• Small form factor pluggable, simplex SC connector
• 1310nm burst-mode transmitter with DFB laser
• 1490nm continuous-mode receiver with APD-TIA
• 1244Mb/s downstream and 2488Mb/s upstream
• Compliant with ITU-T G984.2 Class B+ or C+
• 2-wire interface for integrated digital diagnostic monitoring (SFF-8472)