Dual Fiber SFF

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Dual Fiber SFF:

SFF optical module does not support hot-plugging. SFF optical module has pin solders on the board. SFPoptical module is inserted in a cage and cage is soldered on the board. Compared with SFF optical module, SFP optical module is hot-pluggable. It can be pulled out directly and replaced in the case of problems of module. While, SFF optical module cannot be replaced directly. What should be noticed is that hot-plugging refers to module, not the fiber.


SFF Small Form Factor short, Intel called small packaging technology. It is widely used in theEPON system. In EPON ONU side, the plain with a SFF optical module, the ONU side with the SFF optical modules the main reason is due to the system, EPON ONU Products are usually placed in the user measurement requires a fixed, rather than heat Poor pull. SFF LC head, is cured directly on the circuit board, into a SFF 2X5, SFF 2X10. The main difference is that the  SFP optical module is hot swappable,. But SFF is fixed, and does not support hot-swap.