BoB GPON&EPON Media Converter

BoB GPON&EPON Media Converter
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1. Power Supply Parameters: 220V/50Hz

2. Dielectric strength:Grounding and anti-static

3. Only need one oscilloscope. For 1-with-16 test equipment, it can adjust Simultaneously different media converters in 4 stations and each station will have 3 media converter waiting for testing.

This equipment allows to adjust and test Simultaneously the parameters of optical of BOB media converter in 4 tables.When 4 media converters are being adjusted,the another 3 media converters of each station are in a waiting state and will start and preheat.After the completion of adjustment of current media converters, the equipment will act the next step.This working feature largely improves equipment’ efficiency and it’s easy to operate and Reduce the corresponding preheating and start-up time. The operator only need to plug and scan. All commissioning is done by equipment automatically, which allow to adjust 300-400 media converters each hour.)